A Twitter Surprise!

Most of you know that I [on twitter] have conversed with the actors from Days of our Lives, especially from Crystal Chappell who played my favorite female character and who is now leaving the show. Well my friend Kat and I sent her and her co-star Peter Reckell [who plays Bo Brady] a box of goodies. Today she recieved it and send me a tweet that I absolutely loved!

@crystalchappell @supermanfan85 never Jess….thank u for ur love today…got to read
@crystalchappell @supermanfan85 thank you for the package today….xo you and Kat

Yes, I have had MANY tweets from this woman, so why are these so special? Because she appreciates her fans and takes the time to do THIS. And she said my name… yes, corny BUT she said it and that made me smile [BIG]. She is a great person and a great actress… wish more actors took the time to get to know their fans like she does; maybe life would just be a tad easier in some ways…

Thank you Crystal! Enjoy that wine! 😉


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