No more Days for me!

June 1st will be the worse day ever! Ok not in my life but at least for us Soap fans! Yes, I consider myself a sort of soap fan but not anymore after this! Crystal Chappell, who plays the leading lady in the couple I adore on Days of our Lives has been fired! I’m pretty pissed right now… Yes, life must go on and In reality I probably wouldn’t be so upset about this, but it’s what happened BTS (behind the scenes) is what ticks me off. Not many know this but I have been harassed and bullied by BOPERS; fans of the couple Bo and Hope. They sent me e-mails (my spam email, not my real one), comments, tweets and so on and so forth. Even the President or Personal assistant of one of the actress’ on the show harassed me from time to time. It’s like, this is just a show people, why are you being so cruel when these characters DON’T exist? I guess some people just love it too much but to fire someone, that’s going overboard!

Yes, I said FIRED! I wholeheartedly feel that it was those Fans who hated us that helped get her fired; They could have written letters or something, I dunno but I feel they had a hand in it. Call it my gut feeling! Also the fact that the owner of Days seems he can’t let go of the past. They were sinking in ratings for YEARS, but to blame it on an actress who has no control over the writing shouldn’t happen… The writing sucked and so does he. I’m just being honest!

So even though I barely got to know these characters and didn’t get to see much I do have a few pluses. 1) I got to meet a lot of wonderful people who I think I will be able to call friends later down the road even after the show gets canceled (I truly feel it will). 2) I respect and love the actor who played the male role of my favorite couple, Peter Reckell. He has kept quiet on saying certain things but his actions speak loud. Just last night they had a fan event and he was there and supported Crystal; being by her side and making her laugh. He loves to work with her and he did love the couple, he must be hurt too that it will never get to happen. 3) I have my life back! No I did NOT devote my life 24/7 on Days of our Lives (like some claim I have), but I did devote quite a bit and now I can sit back and do more things I have wanted too before. I get to write on here for instance!

So thank you for listening to me rant and rave about fictional characters on a stupid show. I know no one can agree or see where I am coming from but it’s my life and this is what I loved. Too bad I won’t be able to get to see it happen. Luckily, since the actors love each other and love to work together, I still have hopes in seeing them do something else but I must say…

Farewell Bo and Carly. To me you ARE the epic love story Days of our Lives needed!

(I made this video! Enjoy!)

– J

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