Church filled day!

It has been an interesting day today! I started off by taking my mom to the Membership 101 class from The Pursuit, which she gladly became a member of the church! (YAY!) and that was from 12:45 to 3:30. Then I came home, got Madie ready and ran out to be at church again at 4:30, then served at the 6:15 service (I watch the babies) and then home by 8pm! So I can honestly say, I am EXHAUSTED! But in a good way!

And by the grace of God I got the best baby tonight too! Since I was doing so much my back was really hurting me and I couldn’t stand or move very much. This baby was laid back and just chewed on anything while I just held her. Thank you Jesus! Plus the service was just perfect in every way as well! It was a worship service and we did learn about what The Pursuit stands for. It means:

P = Passionate Worship
U = Unchurched People
R = Relevant Bible Teaching
S = Stewardship of our Sources
U = Unity in our Ministries
I = Intimacy in our Relationships
T = Training for Ministry

It was very interesting on what the Pursuit stands for. I have heard it before because I took the Membership class last year in May, but it was a nice re-fresher course to really get into it more, especially since I started to Volunteer and go to a Life group. I feel like I accomplished more by doing more for my church and as a member, that is my job. Help take care of the church, just like if it was my own home. The church is my family and we work together, no matter what. We may disagree, but it’s not to a point where it can become an issue. If that does occur, then the church would handle it in a different matter. I do enjoy the church and It think its right on a good path for where the Lord wants us. Also, I need to learn to be more of a contagious christian and bring more to the Lord instead of keeping my mouth shut. He died for us and I shouldn’t be ashamed or nervous speaking of the great works he has done.

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