Adding more to the plate!

What's coming next?

Many of you know of the stress my family and I have been dealing with the last few months. The fact that we are still standing and doing things surprises some people. One friend told me that most people would curl up in a fetal position and babble none-sense to themselves after all the stress I have gone through. Clearly the Lord knowns I can handle this much and I’m learning I can. But, I didn’t quite expect this to happen and of course, it’s just another thing to be added on our plates, especially my parents. THE CAR GOT HIT WHEN IT WAS PARKED! Yes, I had to cap that because it’s just our luck that our car was parked in front of the house and out of ALL THE CARS that were parked the same way, it had to be ours that got hit. Right? Just our luck? oy…

So this is what happened… Lady rings our door bell telling us she just hit our car. She felt so sorry and was surprised we didn’t hear the car alarm. Most of the family was in the kitchen and the TV was on so it was hard to hear anything. We asked her what happened and she said she was backing out of the driveway across the street, she didn’t see our car and then her truck just hit the side. I thought, she couldn’t be driving that fast, right? I mean, she was only pulling out of the driveway… how bad could it be?

This bad! This is what happens when a Toyota Tacoma’s bumper hits the side of a Toyota Yaris. She must have been in a hurry, because this just isn’t right. Not only is the seam busting out but the top of the door isn’t even closing correctly. If a thief was smart, he would put the coat hanger in this car! But luckily for us we have an alarm and a lock that is hard to reach (Plus may not be able to reach lock inside the door from on how bad the dent is). The lady’s truck was ok, only some blue paint on her bumper, but no damage. She blamed that her dog was in her way so she couldn’t see. Why she would drive with the dog, I will never know, but I’m sure that dog saw the car coming and wish he knew how to talk to say “YOUR GONNA HIT THIS CAR!” — I can see the dog’s face now! LOL. Now we are playing phone tag with her car insurance people to try to see how our car is going to get fixed. It’s still drivable and inside is not too bad, just can’t roll down the window to far or it will probably crack or break. That won’t be good.

So now my next question for the Lord is, what do you have planned for me next?! 😀

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