Packers won SuperBowl XLV!!!

I’m normally not a football watching, but every year I take the time to watch the Superbowl. It seems to be one of the big events of the years in any sports and it is usually the most exciting games too. Plus new commercials and halftime performances are great to watch too. This year was different though. I actually had a team in the Superbowl that I liked! Packers were always a favorite of mine, not sure why but I was very drawn to the cheese heads. I do like the Dolphins more but I was happy to see at least one of my teams to make it, but to be against a team I truly didn’t care for made me nervous. I don’t like surprises. If things are too close for comfort, I tend to shut down and now want to watch. This game was no exception. Green Bay was doing great and than Pittsburgh was inching their way closer, until It just got too close that I had to leave the room and put my headphones on. Finally by the end of the game I was told Green Baby won and I was relieved! Always great to see a team I love win and in a very close game to boot! So yes, Green Baby Packers are the winners of Superbowl XLV!!! Thanks the Lord too, because I would have had some words with some friends who were Steelers fans. Right now, they aren’t talking to me lol.

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