I’m a proud niece

Many people don’t know this but my uncle is a pretty famous author, especially in California. His goal is to help kids off the streets and keep them away from the gangs. My family isn’t perfect and we have made bad choices in our lives but one thing I know is, we learn from them. Life is a journey we all go through and it won’t always come out like we want it but if we learn from our mistakes and try to rectify that, than I feel we made progress. I’m very proud of my uncle, I’m proud of my whole family. We are as close as any family can be and even if we have different views or different ways of handling things, we still love each other no matter what and is there for one another. I want Madie to learn this. I want Madie to know where she came from, and thanks to my uncle, she will. She will learn, she will grow and she will be proud to be called a Rodriguez. It’s not just what my Uncle has done, but what her Great-Grandparents did to bring the family to America, what her Grandmother did as a single mom, and the list goes on with her uncles, aunts, and cousins. We all do something to make the next generation start off right and I’m proud of my Uncle because he taught me that. I love him and I love my entire family…

Dedicated to Luis J. Rodriguez aka Uncle Louie

Watch this Video from MSNBC about Uncle Louie –> http://on.msnbc.com/hucifl

Found this on the internet. It’s amazing what treasures you find

My Grandparents Alfonso and Maria. My Uncle Joe (Left), Auntie Ana (Middle) and Uncle Louie (Right) - My mom wasn't born yet 🙂

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