We are All God’s Children

View “No More Gentiles” Video from The Pursuit *MUST SEE*


Its Missions Month and at my church we were discussing on how it’s important to help out and support those in need in this world. Last Sunday was called “No More Gentiles” and Pastor Paul was explaining on how no matter what race or country we are from, we are all considered God’s Children, we are all loved by God and we shouldn’t ignore what goes on in the world because it effects us all. Also because it was Missions Month, he wanted to let us know about the causes the church supports (or tries too) and how we can help. We support an Organization called Mercy Homes, where Missionaries in India go and take in orphan children off the street and tend to their needs. From what I remember, they allow 10 children in each home and they have 80 homes so far, which means at least 800 children are being taking care of and are being show the Word of God. That to me is amazing, especially since it is happening in India. The Hindu religion is very important and strict in the country and usually what happens is the people will disown another if that one person does not follow Hindu. I learned a lot in College about Hindu and It was amazing on how they have to do things particular in order for them to feel to be excepted by their many gods. We have even helped other churches go to Mexico and Haiti to build new and improved water wells so that the people there can have fresh clean water to drink. That one was particularly an honor to help out because I do have many family in Mexico (Especially Juarez) and It was great that I was able to contribute at the time. We also have other Organizations we support and right now we are in the process of trying to have people either Sponsor, Foster or Adopt a child in Uganda. They want people to come together and help each other, especially the children in this world because they are so innocent.

Pastor Paul even brought up the old age question us Christians face everyday from non-believers, “If God is about love than why is there so many homeless and starving people in the world?”. Pastor Paul said its a simple answer and its many people don’t like to hear. He says the answer is “God provided the money that was created in this world and gave it to us to help the hungry and the homeless, but unfortunately we don’t share it. We keep it for ourselves. If anyone asks us that, we let them know that Its our fault not God’s”. God gave us free will so we can chose him whole heartedly, but because we live in a sinful world, we get corrupted with the evil in this world and part of that evil is Money. We love to spend spend spend on stuff we “WANT” but really don’t “NEED”. Instead of buying that fancy car because you “WANT” to look cool in, you buy a cheaper car and use the rest to help as many as you can. Pastor Paul said we can’t save the entire world, but we can at least try and save as many as we can.

The Lord knows we all have our own issues in our lives and its hard to think about other people’s problems when we have so many of our own, but If we keep looking to him first and knowing he will always provide and be there for us, we can serve the Lord by trying to help others who can’t help themselves. We are all loved in God’s eyes. No matter who, what, or where we are, we must love God and love Others.

Like my old church in Riverside says, “Be REAL with God, Others and Ourselves”

One thought on “We are All God’s Children

  1. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.


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