Madison turns 2!!!


(8/29/10) I can’t believe that Madison is now officially two years old! How time flies!!! It’s almost a bitter sweet moment. All mothers feel this but yet you feel like your all alone seeing your child grow up so fast right before your eyes. I remember when Madie was so tiny and fragile, skinny little legs and a cry that was very low and sounded like a car engine. Now she has thick legs, running around like a mad woman and screaming on the top of lungs with excitement. Where did the time go?

On Madison’s birthday, I decided to not throw a big fancy party like I did last year. For one, we moved and not many family or friends are here and two, I just didn’t have the time, money or energy to do it again. Its not like she would know what was going on anyways. Usually the parties at this age is more of the excitement of the adults, not the kid. We got Madie a cute tutu dress, she looked adorable in it. It came with this headband that had a flower that was almost as big as her head. I personally was not too thrilled of this flower but it did come with the dress and she didn’t seem to mind it. She was blessed to have gifts. With Brett’s new job we were able to buy her a few things and she got her first official bike from her grandparents. She even got a big box from her Aunt and Uncle (My sister and brother in law) full of Minnie Mouse and Disney World memorabilia. Nothing but the best for their little niece!

I feel very blessed to have Madie in my life. I knew through out my life I wanted to have children but I never knew how rewarding it would be until Madison came into my life. She brightens my day, she makes me laugh, she is my little best friend. I love her kisses, her smiles, her weird expressions that I still can’t figure out… I can’t imagine my life without her and I sometimes wonder what did I do before? Its not as important anymore now that she’s around. God gave me a wonderful gift and a wonderful little girl, and I am cherishing every moment I have. Now lets see if I can handle the terrible twos. So far, so good 🙂

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