Our God is Greater

It had been two weeks since I went to church because of my migraines but today I was feeling pretty good so I finally got to go. Boy was today an amazing day! Not only was it a great service but we had baptisms as well. Made me a little teary eyed during the baptizing because it just reminded me of when I was baptized. Picture this… 13 years old going to see my Aunt be baptized. I already went through a trying time in my family and I was pretty broken. I can’t remember what was said or what was happening but I remembered I began to cry. The Lord was speaking to me at that moment. At the end of the baptizing, the head pastor, John Millhouse, saw I was being touched. He said to everyone “It seems the Lord is touching this young girl, would you like to be baptized and confess that Jesus is your Lord and Savior”. Without any hesitation, I said yes. Jumped in the pool with my jeans and Dodgers jersey, I think a dodger hat as well, standing in front of the head pastor. My youth pastor saw this and jumped in the pool as well with his clothes on to be there for me as I confessed that Jesus was my Savior. The day was September 27th. People usually don’t remember their baptismal but I did because it was also the day I gave myself to the Lord.

These memories flooded in my mind during service today. I held back my tears as much as I could, and what made the day much more particularly exciting was a song that sung at the beginning of the service. It is called “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. Each word spoke truth to my heart and I felt like I was in the Lord’s presence at that moment. During the song, they post a scripture that I believe I have posted for my Daily Scriptures before but I want to post it again because it goes with the song. Below I have put up a video of the song and lyrics. Please listen, please feel and remember that our God is Greater, Stronger, and nothing can stand against him.

Acts 20:24 ~ “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

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