Sick Day #22

It has been 22 days since I was Officially getting sick. First it was a stomach virus and then my migraines came and attacked me and haven’t left me alone since. I have been in my room, sleeping, watching TV or helping a Days of our Lives Group named TEAM D with special Projects. It’s very lonely. Not that talking to people online or getting very much needed rest isn’t bad but not being able to see my family or even my daughter just kills me!

I was even admitted to the hospital this past week. Second hospital visit in 3 months, and for two totally different reasons. I really hope and pray I get approved for Medicaid. No jobs have come to the hubby especially since he has been watching the daughter. I am just not sure what to do. I dont have the medications i need and I am even taking my moms just to get through the day (not good cause my mom needs her meds!)

Why oh Lord am I a sick woman? Did I do something wrong in life? I know you do not punish but I wonder if your trying to tell me something? Am I even listening? Probably not…

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