I have an Inner “Dancing Queen”

Dancing Queen? Well maybe not that far but I do wish i could dance. Ok sounds weird but when I was young I use to record (back when DVDs didn’t exist yet) Britney Spears perfomances. Go ahead and laugh but that was when she was, well, not a lunch short of a picnic if you ask me (Though I do believe she healed now!). I use to study those dance moves like it was an assignment for school and I was pretty good at it. I guess i have a lot of my mom in me. She was a Spanish dancer when she was a kid and did a lot of performances and even met some celebrities. When I was even younger I use to go to ballet and tap dance and i loved it, unfortunally with us moving to Moreno Valley my mom couldn’t find any places to put me in so i lost contact with being in dance. I dunno why but Dance was always such an emotional way of expressing yourself and me being such an emotional girl I was in love!

Then of course after 12 is when i started to get sick. Migraines, car accident, kidney stones, list goes on and It came to a point where I couldn’t dance no more. Sometimes even me walking i can feel my hip pop or my back pop and or something popping and hurting which of course is not good if you want to dance. What kills me is when So You Think You Can Dance started. I saw the dancing and so wished i could do that. Just recently I told my mom it’s amazing on how I can interpret dance and know what the message is by just watching it yet I can’t even perform that way. It kind of hurts inside because i wish I could. I use to dream of being a dancer and doing performances, now i know that won’t ever come true and its sad. Here is one thing that makes me happy. MADIE LOVES TO DANCE!!! That little girl has been kickin her heels before she could walk. She see’s dancing or hears music and that little girl moves. Now i know you all must be thinking “she is just a kid, they all do it” but with Madie i see it a bit different. She stops anything and everything to watch a performance on SYTYCD or Dancing with the Stars. She would sit there and watch the whole thing and sometimes even move to the beat. I am so going to put her in dance and if she wants to continue I will try my hardest to continue since I didn’t get that chance. I am not going to be pushy, I want her to decide but I know I will defiantly be supporting her if she does!

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