No More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

Now I hope I am speaking of the same policy here but I wanted to add my little 2 cents in on that I am worried about the policy being dropped. Now from what I remember “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was that the Homosexuals had to not say they were gay/lesbian while being in the military because of their safety and the fact there is still A LOT of Homophobes out there, especially in the military it seems like but I digress. Here is where I am worried about the policy being dropped. Yes over the years, especially after Prop 8, Homosexuals have been asking (even demanding) to have the same rights as everyone else. Personally the Only thing I do not agree on is the Same Sex Marriage and that is all because in the Bible it states No Man w/Man and No Woman w/Woman. People disagree with me because I believe a book over someone’s feelings but I truly believe this is the Word of God just like they believe in being Gay… I mean it’s all Apples and Oranges here and I just think we agree to disagree BUT the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy scares me in a sense because I don’t trust a lot of people and I feel the enemies of Homosexuals are going to retaliate and hurt or even kill Homosexuals because of their lifestyles. I don’t want to hear on the news a Gay Military Personnel was killed or hurt because of that… I mean I don’t believe in their lifestyles but heck I sure don’t want them to get hurt over it!

Does anyone remember Matthew Shepard? I mean I think his name will be buried in our minds forever, or how about that Military man who fell in the love with a Tran sexual and was beaten to death by one of his own men! Removing the policy doesn’t mean all the bad people in the world will go away and I wish they would have thought of this a little more closely. In most Countries, us Christians can’t even say we believe in God or that we are Christian because we can be killed or thrown in jail for it, we all must be careful. I get it, Homosexuals will like to be heard, so do I, but sometimes in the world it won’t happen because there is a lot of evil in this world. I am personally waiting on the Lord’s return to get the heck out of this place but whatever anyone stands on how the world may or will come to an end… we still must be careful!

Hope that all made sense!!! I know I am not the best blogger in the world :/

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