I have been noticed!

Just wanted to throw in that I am very proud of myself today. Last night was one of my worst nights ever and I decided to escape from all my problems and make a new video. Yes, I have made plenty (and I do mean plenty!) of videos in my past but this time I was very very inspired by a song I heard on Air1. It is a song called Blink by Revive and It really was a good song to use for the Bo and Carly story that is airing on Days of our Lives. I started the video around 8-9 o’ clock at night and didn’t finish the video til about 2 am. This is the fastest I have ever made a video and It turned out to be one of my best! Not only did I make one of my best Videos BUT in the past week I have been noticed! There is this couple that do Episode Recaps of Days of our Lives (www.daystalk.com) and they liked my videos so much they posted two of them on their site where everyone can see. That just made my day!!! One of my videos jumped from barely 100 views to now over 500 (which is a lot for me!). Not only did my videos get posted but around the same time (maybe even the same day) I was chosen from NBC.com to have my opinion posted on their main page! Its funny on how watching a show can really change your life. When I was a Xena fan, the show impacted my life since I was going through a lot at the time but Days seems to help me become better at my work that I love to do.

Some of you may think I am nuts for spending so much time making Videos of a TV show but like I said before I do it to escape and since my photography is on a permanent hold right now, I need something to pass the time and just whine down. I have always been a very creative person. Since I was 12, I have made over 30 websites (Fan sites, Blogs, ect…); I have made over 30 videos from Madie Dancing to Couples on TV shows; I also have taken about 200 photographs with my new camera and most of that is my idea of being “professional”; and I have made plenty of Collages/Montages from Xena to even Days of our Lives. It is nice to know I have some kind of talent and that I can use and be able to do it. Yes I don’t make money off of it (hope too in life) but for now I think its good practice and I am truly proud of myself and happy to see that people enjoy my work 🙂 ( Below is the Video i made in 5 hours 😛 )

Bo & Carly – Blink

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