They Grow So Fast

Its amazing on how time flies by and you barely even notice it. Just today as i was sitting at church during our membership class, i talked to a woman who had two kids and we both agreed on how we remember when we were pregnant but the time from them being born and to the age they are now just seems like a blur. Clearly i do have fond memories of Madie during her special stages in life but it just amazes me on how it just came and went. Madie will be two soon and i just can not believe it. What makes it worse is when i was cleaning out my computer the past couple of days i stumbled upon two videos of Madie dancing, not even a year apart of each other but you can clearly see the difference between the two. I guess you just have to make best of what you have and not fret the small stuff but at this stage all i can say is… MY BABY IS GROWING UP!!! 😦

Madie at 10 mths old

Madie at 20 mths old

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