I am the worse blogger

Boy do i suck at blogging! I want to blog, I want to be good at it but when you got so much going around you, blogging doesn’t really get on the top of the list of priorities. But i have been sick for the 458th time this year and been stuck in bed not doing very much except check on twitter, look at youtube, see how my fam is on Facebook… pretty much nothing. So here i am typing up a pointless blog. Why? because even though i suck at it, i will try my darn hardest to post.

Being in Idaho hasn’t been the greatest but it hasn’t been the worst either. We only pay $150 a month on living which of course is GREAT. But for a husband who has lost his 7th job in 3 years because of this economy, $150 sounds like a lot. Time to really start crunching and figure out what my family and I should be doing…

Now on to the finale of this blog… my confession…

Due to the fact that my husband and I seem to have some issues that have not resolved in our pasts its hard to have a meaningful marriage. I do not blame my husband, i do not blame myself… clearly these are issues that we went through before we met and we must come together to fight those demons that have haunted us for a long time. But some days are dark and my husband escapes doing his RC stuff, me? I make videos! It is something i have done from time to time but over the past, oh, 2-3 mths i have made 25 videos of Days of our Lives. YES, i have said it, I WATCH DAYS OF OUR LIVES and not the whole show, i only watch a certain couple on there that just started like 6-7 mths ago but its nice little break from my screwed up life. I mean it shows that my life is not half bad against a soap opera and THANK YOU LORD my life is not like those shows… WOW… Ok so i confessed. I watch DAYS to run from my problems and i make fan videos of them. I am not that weird, i still play with Madie, i still talk to my husband, hang out with the fam, i am a total hermit. Just pray i can be a little more active and not be in so much pain.

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