The Dodgers did What!?

Ok people, as many of you know i am a dodger fan. I have been since my step dad came in my life when i was 3. Now ther was a period where i wasn’t paying attention to the dodgers or baseball all together because well… it just wasn’t going very well but since i had madie i am trying to get into sports so she can be involved with different things. When she is 3 she will be in ballet. But i found out today a horrible horrible thing. LA Dodgers 2B Orlando Hudson is a Type A Free Agent. What the heck!? O-Dog was one of the best players the dodgers had and now he is a Free Agent he is one of the top pickings to be transferred to another team. I don’t know who makes these decisions but they have been wrong for YEARS and i am sick of it. Why ruin a good team? my team for that matter. It drives me nuts. Dodgers switch there players every couple of years and i can’t keep up with new names! And its not even just the Dodgers, alot of teams do it… this is why we always see the Angels, Yankees, Phillies, ECT in the playoffs… This just does not make me a happy camper.

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2 thoughts on “The Dodgers did What!?

  1. haley says:

    I love o dog he was a great player for the dbacks. hes a funny guy too. he was a guest on my favorite players tv show which is eric byrnes his former teammate. but believe me i know more than most about trading players the a’s are the great at signing and getting rid of players.


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