Our Economy is bad when the Soaps are Gone

Has anyone thought that when Soap Operas are being cancelled, that is when to realize and worry that our economy is worse then we thought? no? well i have. Here is why. Soaps have been around since radio times, i mean our great-grandparents were into them back then and to know that by 2009 two out of the eight (i think) soaps that have been on our screens for many decades, some have been around for 80 years (ya thats alot!) and to see that two are gone maked me realize our economy is worse then we thought. This isn’t the first time that we have encountered economy problems but we always seem to manage and get through it, i mean i don’t think soaps use that much money cause they don’t get the brightest actors and the writing is a bit… well… much and to see that they can’t even survive this economy is just scary. I think soon we may see bread worth $25 and minimum wage decrease but taxes and prices grow. I am not in the best place right now, we can’t move out on our own, work is never good and i can’t work and having a child isn’t easy either and we are not the only ones going through this. The only way we can try and survive is looking at God. Look up, not left or right because we won’t get anywhere. I struggle to always rely on God but i think i am getting better at it, i hope, and i share that we all should do that. We can’t fix the damage that has already been done and we can’t prevent what is going to happen but if we have our faith and its strong enough, things will turn out the way God wants it, not what we want. Now i don’t want people to think losing Soaps is the worse thing in the world, but i know some people out there watch it so much they get confused with reality and the shows. Soaps are not real, if we just watch them for entertainment and not truth and realize God is truth then we will be ok. I do admit that soaps have lingered in my home a few times. My mom watched Days of our Lives off and on as i was growing up and my Aunt and Cousin were big fans and now that i am a wife/stay at home mom i have see the infection of watching Days again, and i must add the acting is getting better lol. But my point is that i see it for entertainment and not my soul reason for living. Days of course isn’t the only show i love, i am a big fan of Bones, CSI:Miami, Smallville, and the list continues, but that doesn’t make me a bad person and when they finally end i won’t be broken, but knowing Soaps being canceled cause of economy is scary but if i look to God, i know thinks will be ok.

P.S. I am not here to put down any actors or fans of soaps. I am sure you are true fans and the actors work hard. Don’t want anyone to take offense to what i have said.

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