I am Running for NBC President

I can’t imagine someone not hearing about the Chaos on NBC about Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian. If someone hasn’t heard, they are either dead or a hermit. Personally i can’t see why i am so intrigued about this situation because it has clearly gotten out of hand. On my facebook, more then half of my friends have joined groups, fan pages or just write on their status about how Conan Rules and Jay Drools (they never ACTUALLY said that, but you get my point, and i still love them anyways :)). I am a Jay Leno fan, always have been and i never have understanded the humor of Conan but i have always seen them both as very nice good guys. Unfortunally this fued has just gotten out of hand and i am going to put my two sense in it whether someone likes it or not. I need to get it off my chest!

This is what i have seen from TV, Newspapers and Online. My assumption is that the one who should be blamed for all of this is NBC. Not Conan, not Jay, NBC. Reason for this is last year they MADE Jay Leno retired. Not many people believe this, especially the Conan groupies but it has been confirmed but not only Leno himself but NBC. This is why he got his own show at 10 o’clock. If Leno was really retiring, why would he take on another show?

Even though NBC took Leno off, they were fearful that he would outshine Conan/Tonight Show if Leno switched to another network, this is why he got his show at 10. Conan of course had his own following and they followed him to the Tonight Show, but all the Leno lovers didn’t and stopped watching The Tonight Show just because it wasn’t the same anymore, i am of course one of those people. Now after a year or less or something, NBC wanted to removed Conan from the Tonight Show because his ratings have dropped and it is at a point where a show gets canceled, but you can’t cancel the Tonight Show, that would be like us not eating anymore! Of course Leno’s show at 10 wasn’t doing good either, not because his fellow followers stopped watching, its just a lot of good shows are on at 10 and its a tough act to follow. This is why i blame NBC for all of this because they made a rash decision to remove Leno, even though they were afraid he would beat them ratings (why get rid of something that is doing so good) and then Conan didn’t have the greatest fan base like Leno did (it was good but not great). Now they are pulling something we call “Indian Giving” which they want Leno to have the show and kick Conan back… this isn’t fair for Conan because it wasn’t his fault last year on what happened to NBC and Leno. This is why NBC does not know how to do business it seems like.

Now this is why its going way to far. Everyone is blaming Leno which is retarded. Leno never asked to leave the Tonight Show but was made too and then he gets a crappy time slot and thinks he is the indian giver when NBC is the one offering it to him. Also why the heck is Jimmy Kimmel in this anyways? He has nothing to do with this and needs to mind is own dang business… now i dislike and disrespect him for being such an idiot. I don’t blame Letterman because i am sure he is enjoying this because of what NBC did to him 18 yrs ago. Now Conan is blaming Leno when Leno has been defending him all this time. This truly shows who is more classy in all of this that Leno has not put down Conan once, only NBC… and yet Conan has to attack Leno without figuring out the facts here. Leno to me is classy and respectful and the old Conan who was nice needs to get his act straight. I think Leno should move to another network, NBC has screwed him over to much and Conan already has the show, he should just keep it unless it gets worse… but Conan needs to man up that his ratings have stumbled, and that is not Leno’s fault. I don’t agree Leno should take The Tonight Show back but at least he is being a classy guy. Conan, i am not so sure anymore…

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