Why We Think Dieting is Evil

No man or woman can say that Dieting is easy. Even the ones who have lost hundreds have said it was the hardest thing they ever had to do and hope they never have to do it again. Like many of you my weight yo-yo’s and i can never stay at a good weight. All my life i have been a bit hefty and i have excepted that (sometimes) but at this point i know something HAS to be done. I am way over then i ever have and now that i am a mom i know i need to take care of myself so i can take care of my daughter.

But why is dieting so hard? I mean if its so easy to eat the bad stuff how come its so hard to cut the bad and eat the good? Maybe its the pressure to be so thin that we get depressed and we want the bad to feel better even though it doesn’t last. I know i see woman skinnier then me and say they want to lose a few lbs and i am like “i wish i was that skinny!”. For Example, Lovely Talk Show Host and Comedian Bonnie Hunt, love her, her show and wish she wasn’t canceled (stupid NBC), but i have seen her say she needs to lose 10 lbs or something and if you haven’t seen her she looks pretty dang good for a woman in her 40s and i don’t think 10 lbs is going to make much difference. I am way heavier then her and wish i was her weight now and it upsets me that some woman feel they need to keep losing to look good when they look good already! Now i am not dissing my looks… my health is a problem and if i lose the weight i know i will be alot healthier.

But anyways, how come i can’t lose the weight i need? you know i have lost 16 lbs in 2 mths which i was proud of but now i am stuck and i feel i have to stop eating just so i can lose more. We usually complain dieting is to hard and it restricts us to much but in reality the foods we use to eat was the evil stuff, not the diet. Its like a horrible temptation that we must eat the biggest greasiest pizza or burger just to make our taste buds go SHAA-ZAM! but then after of course we are saying OH MY cause we are sick and feel like crap! There’s a clue right there! When we eat the good stuff, yes our taste buds don’t go SHAA-ZAM but we don’t go OH MY after either… i usually feel more energized! We must realize what it’s more important and fight for it! I gained 3 lbs over the holidays so i am now at a loss of 13 but loss one so now i am at 14! but i must fight and work out hard and get this weight off cause in the long run… that is the most rewarding!

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