Update – Working with Photos

I have been working hard with my Photography trying to get it up and get it noticed. Not that easy when you don’t have any money, it takes money to be noticed which is sad. Brett’s work is going down and he doesn’t make as much anymore which i was afraid of but we just got to trust in God and pray and hope that everything turns around.

WE FOUND A CHURCH! I am not longer picky and found a church that is like my old home Sandals. This place is semi-new and being out on its own and its great to be apart of a church growing.

I am also excersizing finally and i hurt… bad… but i hope this soon shall pass and lose more then 13 lbs! (plus the 3 i gained back >.<)

I hope to continue this, wish me luck with my photography… pray!!! lots of love!

– Jessi

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