Why i do not like Jon G.

Here is the thing… i shouldn’t really care about what happens in the media, and usually i don’t. But i have been watching JK8 since it started and with the whole mess happening now, it got me interested just because i felt so bad for those dang kids. Now during the show, i always thought Kate was mean to Jon, but she just had a strong attitude and Jon just knew how to handle it. It kind of reminded me of Brett and I’s relationship. I can be a bit hard on him and Brett can shut down and just ignore it and we move on… But once the Divorce came about and seeing how Jon handled it just made me sick.

No abuse excuse should ever push a man who claims to be “christian” to do the things he has done. He is acting like he is a kid again which he has to remember he isn’t and he has 8 kids to help take care of. The only responsable person i have seen is Kate. She really stepped up and is trying to be a role model for those kids because their Father has lost his marbles. Knowing that once he had lost his job and Kate had to become the working woman is when Jon changed and you could notice it. He was jealous and it sickens me he would let his pride get in the way like that. Now he has a lawyer who “represents” him and “is the only one sticking up for him” because he accuses the TLC network to break Child Labor Laws, which is funny cause he wanted the show to go on and make more money til he got kicked off the show… now they are breaking the law? why didn’t he think of that 4 yrs ago when they started this in the first place! His little childish act and temper tantrum is just soooo shady. Cause he isn’t getting what he wants he is exploiding his kids to get it, useing them like they are a prop. This man doesn’t deserve to be a father, much less a human being. I don’t know where Kate is when it comes to Money or her family, but she sure is doing 1000 times better then that tool.

I support Kate and all other single mothers who have ex’s or baby daddies who are idiots and need to get a clue. Basically, get your head out of your ass and keep those pants zipped up. Time to learn and be responsible. Its called GROWING UP you low life piece of crap. That is what i call Jon G. I hope he becomes homeless…

I feel so much better…

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