Now a Reno Girl

It is official. I have arrived in Reno and i have been here for 2 weeks now. Still not use to the different atmosphere here, its a hick town which is i never thought Reno would be but it is and i am not a hick girl. Been very depressed and on edge being here. Haven’t been myself and i have been very snappy to everyone, i just hate having to leave something or somewhere i am use too.

I miss my church very much… i don’t want to visit this new church yet, i just don’t want to go when i miss Sandals so much cause i feel i will give it an F grade cause its not “Sandals”. trying to get use to this place before i try it out. Also being so far away from my family and friends i feel alone here. Not able to say to anyone “hey lets hang out” because i have no one here to hang out with. Too much for my mind and body to take, i feel like crawling in a hole and cry…

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