Last Night in California

Tomorrow we move to Reno. Its been a long time waiting in excitement and dread for not only me but for my family as well. This is something i know we need to do but are not totally happy with. Leaving somewhere i have known all my life is something i wasn’t prepared to let go of. Seeing Brett again and being in a new place that is NOT california i look forward too, has been a long time coming and its here, but i just didn’t realize how much i am going to miss my other family… I thought since my Grandma died last year, the matriarch of my family, i wouldn’t feel so eager to stay but knowing i won’t see all my aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, sisters, niece and nephews… i am leaving more than i realized and it hurts alot. I have almost cried but kept it in. I don’t want to seem like such a wuss or a big baby, but this is truly hard for me. More than i think people realize.

I don’t know how i will be the next few months. I am going to assume i will not be good but have to keep it strong, especially for Madie since she really doesn’t realize what is going on. Oh boy, this is going to be hard tomorrow…

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