Chest Pains

Everytime i eat i always seem to have chest pains and i get worried. i have gained 70 lbs over the past 2 yrs especially since i had the baby. Highest weight i have ever been and even though i have cut back on my bad eating, apperently that isn’t enough. I constantly hurt with my back, shoulder, legs and now when i sit and eat i get these chest pains and i wonder what is going on with my body. Even though i have talked to my doctor and they have done some tests, nothing seems to be wrong… blood pressure is fine but my heart rate is usually high, isn’t that a concern? and then i feel like i am over exaggerating because usually i don’t wear a bra or i wear a sport bra that is stretched and when i lift up my breast off my stomach and prop them where they should be, my chest doesn’t hurt anymore. And the place it hurts is a part of where the breast hangs from the chest. maybe its my chest all of along? i mean i was a 38D when i got pregnant and i am now a 44DDD which is a BIG jump. But why is the heart rate so high? maybe all that pressure and pulling is causing my heart to work more? i dunno but now that we are moving i can’t see a doctor for another month until brett’s insurence has kicked in, and when we have money cause his insurence is not good. I just don’t know what to do… i am scared 😦

Also when i started my birth control i haven’t been able to lose weight at all. I even stopped it for two days and i lost two lbs! and then i went on a lower dos and i gained a pound without changing my eating habits. Maybe thats it? i dunno… i am just freaking out right now

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