Shots Day is hard for her (and me!)

Today was the day every parent dreads, when you need to go to the doctor and your child gets shots! it hasn’t been easy for me. I always thought i would be a parent that could stomach the situation and be able to handle it and be there for the child, but of course i became the total opposite and now i am just a big wuzz. When Madie was only a week old, she came down with a virus where she couldn’t hold down anything, even when she slept she could vomit and choke and we had a few scares. Poor thing had to endure some tests that no baby should go through, even though they were standard she just didn’t understand what was going on and it was hard to see. One test she needed was to have blood done but it wasn’t no prick the foot and have a few drops blood test, no they wanted like 4-5 vials of blood, too much for the baby so they were going to do half now half later and they were trying to get blood from her foot and then her little hand. She was screaming so much and so loud i had to leave the room and i just couldn’t stand to bear the noise anymore. She was screaming so bad that the nurse actually stopped and refused to do it saying it was too much for a little baby. Luckily she got over whatever was wrong and didn’t need to finish the tests but because of that one day i haven’t been able to be there with her when she gets shots. I feel like crying just being in the room… i hate hearing her cry, it just brings back that day with the blood test and its too hard. But of course i have had to take her to get her shots and i either have the hubby or my mom come with me. Today of course my mom went and held her as they stuck 4 shots in her, one in each limb. She tried to not cry and be brave with the first one but after the 2nd and going on the 3rd she just couldn’t take it and burst into tears. After that i went and held her and she got her first lollipop for being such a good girl. She has eaten one before but never got one after getting shots. She is sore but seems to be doing ok. I gave her tylonal for the pain (nurse told me too) and to just becareful she doesn’t hit them or anything cause it will HURT.

Besides getting shots her stats are pretty good. She weighs 18lbs 11oz and is 28 1/4 inches. I really was worried about her weight but the doctor said she is within the 15% and her height is within the 20% which is good and close enough… she is just tiny! I am glad we got this day over with and now we gotta find a new doctor in Reno. Haven’t looked yet because Brett hasn’t gotten his insurence so i am just waiting on that.

I hope i do get over this silly little fear. I want to be able to hold her and be there for here especially because brett or my mom won’t be there always to come with me. It sounds so silly but i really can’t handle her being hurt, and i really don’t want to cry  when its happening. Sometimes being a parent is just too hard!

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