Morning Routine

Every morning i wake up either with the baby or without. Sometimes Madie is such a light sleeper i can’t leave the room without her shooting up her little head and peek over and see me. The biggest challenge when she wakes up is changing her diaper. Now that she is a year, she believes when i lay her down she is going to bed and really gives me a hassle trying to change her diaper. She kicks, cries, turns over… its a work out!!! I dread that moment… then i give her a bottle and lay her in her play pen. Sometimes she can be there for at least two hours because she plays, watches TV or it just takes her that long to drink her bottle. Its hard to give her a solid meal because after two hours she needs a nap and i hate to feed her before she goes to bed because i don’t want to wash her sheets every time she sleeps, you know?

Mornings i think are the worse for me. I feel the most pain because of how i slept and i am never fully awake for another couple of hours. Though Madie is such a good girl to just sit in her play pen and wait for me… but if i try and leave the room, she isn’t so nice. I can’t leave or walk a few steps away from her because she truly thinks i am leaving and she doesn’t like that. Very very attached and sometimes that’s hard on my psychy because i feel like i can’t do anything without holding her (which i don’t hold her but sometimes i can’t take the crying) I pray that it just gets easier, especially when we move. I think having her own room might make a BIG diffrence, at least i hope so…

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